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Would you like to see your company's in the Isle of Man Flat Green Bowling Club's and Association's material such as Member Communications, Newsletters, News Releases, Championship Programmes and more?

The IOMFGBC is affiliated with World Bowls and the European Bowls Union. The club is the recognised body for what is a highly competitative international sport, as depicted in the Commonwealth Games. The IOMFGBC is one of 51 countries that compete regularly at World Bowls events. Across the UK there are approximately 250,000 people that are affiliated to local clubs, and around 1,000 registered members of bowls clubs in its varying formats on the Isle of Man alone, many of whom are young talented players ensuring the longevity of the game.

The opportunity to sponsor or advertise your company and business with the Isle of Man Flat Green Bowling Club comes in a variety of ways. Levels of exposure range from as little as website links to the likes of promotional coverage in local press, IOMFGBC local leagues and national championships, through to exposure on national and international television and media through the sponsorship of our international side.

IOMFGBC is also now offering an increased visual prominence of your company to players and spectators through promotion at the IOM National Championships including mail-drop opportunities. Further opportunities include access to event finalists and winners for media interviews, photography and permission to conduct surveys and prize draws for spectators during the Championships.

For more information, or if you would like to sponsor the IOMFGBC please contact Mark McGreal, IOMFGBC Website Media & Marketing Administrator:

Isle of Man Flat Green Bowling Association

Sponsor the Isle of ManThe IOMFGBC are seeking sponsorship for our international team and representatives. We regularly compete in international competitions, and travel all over the world in order to do so. Some countries we have travelled to in the last few years include Australia, Cyprus, England, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland and Spain.


The competitions we compete at receive a huge amount of publicity and are regularly televised locally and internationally. We are in a position where we would like to promote our sponsors at every opportunity. This would include producing a new playing kit for our internationals which would proudly display our sponsors name or company logo. This is undoubtedly going to give our sponsor exposure on a global scale. If you are interested in being a sponsor of the IOMFGBC and / or the international team please do contact us.