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EBU European Team Championship 2015

IOMFGBA at the EBU IsraelIn summary there were 15 matches played in total (5 in each discipline) under extremely hot weather conditions with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees during much of the event. The men’s pair achieved some notable draws against Jersey (silver medallists) and Wales (upsetting their silver and bronze medal aspirations). With a convincing win over Switzerland on the final day the pair finished in 8th position overall even coming above Ireland (who went on to win the Gold medal at the more recent Atlantic Championships in December 2015). In terms of the number of ends won the IOM pairing took a remarkable 56% of all ends played throughout the event strangely enough this was more than both Guernsey and England (gold and bronze medallists respectively). In the ladies pairs table their final placing of 10th out of 12 teams did not adequately reflect the quality of the matches and high standards they demonstrated at the event. In the mixed fours event IOM finished 9th ahead of Spain, Germany and Switzerland and notched up a notable draw against Wales.

The final placing’s and league tables at the closing date of the competition 16th October 2015 found here.

Isle of Man Flat Green Bowling AssociationClive McGreal depicted here celebrating with the Welsh team. The celebration by the Welsh team was short lived after the organising committee audited the results and found that Wales hadn't won the bronze medal after all!